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Mystical Mermaid Affirmations Deck

from Beads by Berta Bird branch of Gevera Bert Piedmont


Mystical Mermaid Affirmations

Sample Mermaid Deck Box

Mystical Mermaid Affirmations Deck

46 Affirmations on 23 Cards
Illustrated with Mermaids and Other Fey Creatures

Each delightful card features two related, deceptively simple affirmations. Choose which affirmation to focus on, or see which affirmation you need by paying attention to signs from the universe after pulling the card.

The deck is small enough to carry in your bag and versatile enough to use every day. The cards are 2.5 inches square.

So Many Ways to Enjoy the Mystical Mermaids

rendered mystical mermaid box


Lauren is doing readings on Tiktok using this deck: and Contact her through her TikTok channel.

Buy the Mystical Mermaid Affirmation Deck on my Etsy shop, Beads by Berta Bird, if you live in the US. If not, contact me for shipping information. Email is bybertabird at the email of the googles.